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SPHYNX Lac Aquarelle Drops - Black Veil 10ml

Aquarelle Drops - Black Veil 10ml
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SPHYNX Lac Aquarelle Drops - Black Veil 10ml
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SPHYNX Lac Watercolor Drops (Aquarelle drops) can produce a new effect each time depending on how you use the brush and how much product is on it.  Effective vibrant and delicate design created with ease.
Drops can be applied on a matte or glossy top without stickiness.  The watercolor design will great addition to any manicure. Drops quickly spread into sophisticated patterns if you use a special base for watercolor drops Sphynx Lac (Bloom base - 801119). 
Aquarelle drops create unique semi transparent watercolor air-float effects when applied over matte gel polish Тоp SPHYNX Lac top coat  (Velvet Mat top - 801112).
To change the saturation of the shades on the nails by adding degreaser simply spreading a drop with a brush. You can easily make the shades brighter by adding another layer. When drops of different colors touch on the nail, they start to blend and form new shades and shapes. Aquarelle drops provide the infinite possibility for creating abstract nail art or various backgrounds for any kind of nail art. The best choice for a vibrant watercolor design background is a white background. We recommend white gel polish - SPHYNX Lac (White Cadillac - 851002).
Watercolor drops (Aquarelle drop) represent a bright instantly drying pigment on a very watery alcohol base. This feature allows watercolor to flow over nail surface and dry very quickly in the air.
Bright pigments of watercolor drops can create weightless, delicate and airy patterns. Drops are perfect for a marble effect designs, abstract and elegant floral motifs designs. Aquarelle drop must be finished with any gel polish top coat Sphynx Lac collection in a LED /UV, LED/CCFL, LED new generation lamps.

This product is an INK which has liquid consistency!

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