Nail Foil 600107 - 90cm. - Nail & Eyelash Paradise

NEW Nail Foil 600107 - 90cm. - Nail & Eyelash Paradise
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The final coating of Nail Foil 600 series - 90cm. - Nail & Eyelash Paradise for gel polish Top Coat - "No Wipe Glazy" (8001100) and Sun Proteced Top Coat (801111) without the sticky layer from the Nailash Paradise Company . 


This Top coat  is a finishing layer that gives shine to any decorative material. Top coat can be used as a standalone coating, and as a decorative layer in general manicure . Its an additional plus that after drying in the UV/LED lamp, it will not have a sticky layer.


The top coat  is easily and uniformly applied, gives the design resistance to four weeks. The coating quickly polymerizes, it does not have an unpleasant odor. It is applied in a thin layer thanks to a convenient and thin brush, it does not bubble when applied.


The top allows you to protect the gel-polish from chipping and cracking, it increases its durability. The top allows you to protect the color of the gel polish from burnout as the coating includes a protective layer of UV filters. The Top coat perfectly captures the free edge of the nail plate from rubbing the coating.


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